The natural lake “Naardermeer”

Lake Naarden (Naardermeer) is a unique and protected nature reserve around one of the very few natural lakes of the Netherlands. Lots of rare birds, amphibians and mammals found refuge in the 1180 hectare area, consisting of open water, swamp forests, reed- en hay lands. The area was saved in 1905 by the teacher Jac. P. Thijsse, founder of the nature conservation organisation called “Natuurmonumenten”. This organization bought Lake Naarden and established it as a nature reserve. Lake Naarden is now an enchanting area to sail, walk or bike in, beginning at the restaurant “Gasterij Stadzigt”.

If you arrive by train at the NS station Naarden-Bussum, you can reach Lake Naarden by foot, bike or taxi.

Meerkade 2 Naarden
+31 35 699 0000

Gasterij Stadzigt
Meerkade 2A Naarden
+31 35 694 8383