The Big Church (De Grote Kerk)

The Saint Vitus church, also called the Big Church (De Grote Kerk), stands at the centre of the fortified town. The tower is the only remainder of the first church, built between 1380 and 1440 and climbing it, it offers a great view over the Fort and the wide surrounding all the way to Amsterdam and Utrecht. You can go up the tower from May to September on Wednesdays and in the weekend. More Information:

The first church, a single-aisle cruciform church soon proved to be too small. In 1445 the enlargement began to change this big church into a late Gothic basilica with an ambulatory that was finished in 1479. The great treasure of this church is the wooden vault, which is magnificently painted from front to back. The representations, made between 1510 and 1518 give an impression of a reflection on the core beliefs of the Catholic Church. Even after the church had become protestant in 1574 these paintings were still cared for with love.

The oak choir screen from 1531 forms the background for the choir and orchestra of the Dutch Bach Society. Every year it performs the St. Matthew Passion by Johann Sebastian Bach, in the days before Easter. The church offers special services throughout the year like concerts and gatherings and is praised for its acoustics. If you are in Naarden in the summer, come on Thursday evening to the Great Church. The majestic Bätz White organ from 1862 is then often played by top organists.

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